How to use data recovery software to read messages on an iPhone

If something wrong happens to your iPhone and you can’t access the iPhone data then you can come across lots of issues and reading, viewing and recovery of iPhone messages are some of those issues. It is a bit tricky to read messages on the computer because there are not many apps available on the Apple store as in the case of Android phones.

You may want to view or read iMessages on the computer as they are easier to manage on PC as compared to the iPhone because they have a wide and large screen. From the computer, you can also take a print of iMessages that you can’t do from the iPhone directly.

read messages on an iPhone

We will show you some competent tools that will allow to view and read your iPhone messages on the computer. These are the iPhone data recovery software and applications such as dr.fone and SMS Export. Let’s check out how to read messages on an iPhone using data recovery software.

The direct way to view and read iPhone Messages on computer

Step no. 1: Launch the dr.fone software and attach your iPhone with computer

Launch the program on your system and use the USB cable to make a connection between the iPhone and your PC. The software will detect the iPhone automatically and after then choose the recover button from the main menu and then select “recover from iPhone” choice.

In order to view and read your iPhone messages, you can go to the “Messages” tab. This option will save you from wasting your time on the scan process. If you require to view the whole content simply select the scan button.

Step no. 2: Preview the messages on the iPhone on your computer

When the scanning process complete, you will see the result of a scan on the screen. You can view and read all the data available in it. You can select the required messages and view them one by one. Go through the data and select the ones you want to recover and then choose “recover to computer” option. The files will be saved in HTML format which enables you to preview and read the messages on a computer without any efforts and headache.

View and read iPhone messages on your PC using iCloud Backup

Mentioned below are some easy steps to view and read the iPhone messages using iCloud backup files with the help of dr.fone toolkit provided by Wondershare.

Step no. 1: Log in to the iCloud account using your ID and password

Move to the option of recover using the iCloud backup on the left-hand side of the main menu and you will land on another page of the iCloud entrance. Now log into your iCloud account. Here you have no need to worry about security as the tool is 100% secure and safe. Wondershare works on zero log policy and does not keep a record of any sort of data or leakage to other parties.

Step no. 2: Downloading and extraction of backup files in your iCloud

After login, you would be able to view the entire list of backup items in your iCloud account. Select the files which you want to view and recover and choose the download option. Wait for it to happen.

Step no. 3: Preview the iPhone messages in your iCloud backup

When the scanning process is complete, you would be able to view and read the data. You can select from the list of whole data. Select “messages” and preview the whole data in depth on the right side of the window. After reading, you can select “save to computer” option if you need it.

Read iPhone messages by exporting on computer using dr.fone

The third party software – the dr.fone backup and restore for iOS devices enable you to preview, select and backup the iPhone text messages and transfer them to your computer in the form of HTML, vCard or CSV files. In simple words, you would be able to preview and read the iMessages on your PC. Thus if you are interested to preview or read the iPhone messages on your Mac or PC, then dr.fone is the right choice for you.

View and read iPhone Messages on the computer using iOS app

Exporting iPhone messages from device to computer is a difficult task as there is no feature or free app is available in Apple play store. There are many third party apps which can help you to move and read messages on computer and “SMS export” is one of those apps. It allows you to transfer messages from iPhone to Mac or PC in XML or CSV format that is simple and easy to read on PC.

The whole process requires some simple steps and they are given below:

Step no. 1: Open the Apple store on your iPhone and write “SMS Export” on the search bar. Look for the app and install it on your iPhone. Now launch the app and choose “Export message” option and select the folder where you need to store the messages.

Step no. 2: Attach your iPhone with your PC using USB cable and copy the “XML” or “CSV” data file of your iMessages on your computer. Launch these files with the help of a spreadsheet reader or MS office program to preview all of your iPhone text messages.

One thing that needs to be mention here is that the SMS extractor is not a free application and it offers no trial version. You will only be able to read the messages in unattractive mode. Moreover, you are unable to edit or delete the iMessages in a direct way.


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