Most Useful Things You Can Do with ADB and Fastboot on Android

ADB and Fastboot on Android: Have you ever rooted your Android phone? If you did this process then you might be encountered about ADB and FastBoot. These are the two important things of the rooting toolkit. And they are hard to hold on and it is available with full Android SDK which measures several hundred megs bytes. If you would like to exactly about the ADB and Fastboot on Android then you need to have some ideas regarding the setup of ADB and Fastboot. So, therefore, readers can follow up this article to have a complete idea regarding the ADB and Fastboot.

What are ADB and Fastboot on Android?

ADB and Fastboot are used for unlocking the access to Android systems when your phone is connected to the desktop via the USB Cable. Both the computer and cable are integrated to this because there is no App version. And also we can do the ADB wirelessly which is more complicated to setup. Coming to the ADB it is normally used when Android is running and also it enables us to access the system folders or the hidden settings.Using the ADB we can copy the system files to and from the device and there is also an availability of the sideload function that is used to install the system updates.

Install-Android-ADB-and-Fastboot Most Useful Things You Can Do with ADB and Fastboot on Android

Next coming to the Fastboot, it is quite opposite to the ADB. It works when Android is not running and the device is booted into the FastBoot mode. Therefore it enables to access all the partitions not only the Android system but also the data partition, boot partition and etc. It is a diagnostic tool which helps when your mobile fails to reboot for some reason and is most commonly used to install the custom recovery.

Manage your device with ADB

It has got a variety of functions for managing your device such as moving the content to and from your mobile, install Apps, back up and restore your software and much more. ADB is used when your phone is plugged into the computer. We can also use the ADB wirelessly b following the instructions. To work with the ADB you must connect the computer with the USB Cable and it takes only a few seconds to execute the commands.

Install-Android-ADB-and-Fastboot Most Useful Things You Can Do with ADB and Fastboot on Android

adb devices

ADB and Fastboot on Android: The main function of the adb devices is to check the connection. And get the basic information about the devices that are connected to the computer. When using ADB, you will run the first command, and in return, it lists all the devices that are connected to the computer.  And if it returns the device ID then you are connected and ready to send the commands.

adb reboot recovery

It reboots your phone into the recovery mode. Various functions like flashing ROMs to your phone requires booting into the recovery mode. For this, you need to hold a particular set of buttons on your phone for some time. Therefore this command allows you to reboot the directly into the recovery mode.

adb reboot-bootloader

It helps in rebooting the phone into the bootloader mode and this allows you to boot directly to phone’s bootloader. Once you are in bootloader aADB does not work anymore. In such case fastboot comes into the picture. Like recovery command, it is easy to boot your bootloader with a command on your computer than a complex series of buttons on your mobile.

adb push [source] [destination]

It helps in copying the files from your computer to phone. This push command allows copying the large files from computer to the mobile such as movies and ROM etc. To use this command we have to know the full file path for both source and destination. And if the file you want to copy is already in your source folder. And then you can enter the name of the file as the source.

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