Basic Android Terminal Commands List – You need to Know

Android Terminal Commands: These Android Terminal Commands are simple to be familiar with. For the Linux and Mac users, we need to install the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) as per the Android Developer website. And it is great that the Android users do not have to worry about the issues regarding the driver complications which arise like the Window users have. The Android Debug Bridge ie., ADB and Fastboot drivers which allow the android users for communicating with the devices using the computer. Check the list of the Android Terminal Commands from the below sections.

tenterminalcommands Basic Android Terminal Commands List - You need to Know

If you are using the Windows platform then it is easy and as well as hard at the same time. You have to download the file and then open the file and there you can see the folder “Android Tools. Next, go to the manufacturer’s page of your device and install the adb and as well as the Fastboot drivers for Windows.

Android Terminal Commands

Here is the list of the Android Terminal Commands.

adb devices command

The adb device command is the important thing which helps in communicating with the computer and Android devices. Just start with your terminal or command console and it opens the folder with tools in it. This file is which you downloaded in the earlier section. And the Windows users are having the another easy way ie., shift +right click to open the console. The Mac users and the Linux users directly can navigate to the terminal once it is opened.

And if you are sure that you are in the right folder then type ‘adb devices’ in the command prompt. After this, if you get a good serial number then you can continue. If not whether you have installed the device drivers successfully. Be sure that the USB is debugging.

adb push command

This adb push command can be used for moving a file to the Android devices. Therefore few parameters such as the full path of the file that you are pushing and as well as the full path that you want to put it.

adb pull command

The adb push is used for sending files to the Android devices. It exactly works in the same way as the adb push command will do. And the most important thing is that we need to know the path of the file which you want to pull and as well as the path you want to pace it. You can leave the destination path blankly and it drops the file into your tool folder to make the work easy.

adb reboot command

This is the way to reboot your device from the command line and it is simple to run the adb reboot command. Type ‘adb reboot’ and hit enter. And also your device can be rooted in the middle of the device if you want.

adb reboot loader and adb reboot recovery

And with the help of this command, we can not only reboot the device but also reboots to the bootloader. Some devices do not even remember them at all. Some of the devices do not even have the way to boot to the bootloader without using this command. Using this command is easy and because we need to type adb reboot-bootloader and click on enter.

fastboot devices command

If you are working with the bootloader then adb no longer works. And if you are not yet booted into the Android device then the debugging tools are not active to communicate with. In such cases, we use the Fastboot devices which are the most powerful tools available in the market. You need to type the fastboot devices and click on enter. There you can see the serial number like the adb devices command.

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