Best Way to Install APK Files via ADB Commands

APK Files: Hello Everyone. Do you know how to Install App on Android device? I think most of the answers to this question will be yes because everyone is using the Android devices in today’s technical world. Many of the people will install the App by visiting the Google Play Store, and they¬†install the Applications there. Yes, 90%of the users fall into this category, and they use because it is the easy way to install. But when the user interface of the device does not work properly then we can not access any apps on your device. And while you are playing the random App[lication your device might collapse, and in such cases, ADB commands into the picture.

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And without the launcher App, we can not access anything on the device, and hence we use the third party applications. Hence for installing the third party apps, we need to install the launcher App from the play store on your PC. If the Google Play Services is collapsed, then we can not install the App from the Play Store. These APK Files can install on your Andriod Device using the ADB Commands.

APK Files using ADB Commands

ADB is the bridge between the PC and the Android device. ADB is nothing but the Android Device Bridge. Now with the help of the ADB tool, we can install the Apps, and the scope of the ADB tool is not limited, and it is far higher. And if you know more information about the Android development we can understand its importance. Most of the people prefer the Play Store to install the Apps by navigating to the Settings >>> Unknown Sources.

FB9A4YRHFSH50V3.MEDIUM Best Way to Install APK Files via ADB Commands

There is also the another way to install the Android Apps, i.e.,., by using the APK files. Check out the following news to know more about the installation of the APK Files via ADB Command.

How to Install APK Files Using the ADB Commands

So readers now we are entering into the main part of this article. Here you will know how to install the APK Files using the ADB Commands. In this section, we are sharing you the complete information about the installation process of APK files via ADB Commands. Go through the below section to know more about the APK file installation.

Step 1: The first thing that every user must do is extract the APK files on the folder and then place them in which APK files to install.

In Step 2: Next, open the command prompt in ADB folder by holding the shift key and then right click on the space in the folder.

Step 3: Now connect your device to PC and then type the following commands and verify that the PC detects your device.

adb devices

In Step 4: If the device does not show in the list of devices then check the device drivers on your PC. And now type the following command to install the App on your PC.

adb install <app name.apk>

Step 5: And if it shows then the APK is successfully installed on the Android device and there are many options for the ADB commands.

adb install -r <app name.apk> Here the -r option is used for reinstalling or updating an existing app on the device.

adb install -s <app name.apk>  This -s option lets you install the App to SD card and if the App supports then go to the SD card feature.

And if you would like to uninstall the App then type the following command

adb uninstall <app name.apk>

You know need to uninstall the entire package name like com.adobe.reader

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