How to Download APK Files to Sideload on Any Android Device?

Download APK Files to Sideload – Sideloading applications over Android platform is much easy. For this, you have to do few changes on your device. From the menu option, go to Settings >> Choose Security Settings >> Check the unknown sources check box. (By enabling unknown sources option, you device allows the installation of trusted as well as third party applications). So you can run the APK installer file easily on the device and install the app successfully.

While searching for any sort of APK file to install on your device, you may feel tough actually. However, Onyxbits development team set out the latest desktop program which helps in downloading the APK files with different platforms. Moreover, the platforms include: Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and so on. Installing the APKs on your device becomes easy similar to the process which you use to get it from Google Play Store. So make use of the desktop program. Go through the complete post and get steps to Download APK Files to Sildeload on Android.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSdUW7-sWplEy4hgMSSGMq4F-hkZ3D-Jf_0NjadF8BcATeWtIMv How to Download APK Files to Sideload on Any Android Device?

Download APK Files to Sideload

Further, the desktop program from Onyxbits is Raccoon. Download the Raccoon software. It acts as front-end on desktop for Google Play Store. Indeed, you may require a desktop system to make use of this specific software. Raccoon is available mostly for all the operating systems of desktop.

Go to the official website of Raccoon using the web browser on your system. You can find different downloading links on the site. If your device runs on Macintosh or Linux operating system, then download the file raccoon-3.3.jar. You have to make sure that Java Run time Environment is installed for running the program. On the other hand, users of Windows can hit the raccoon-3.3 executive file link up easily.

Google Account Login

With the help of File Explorer, locate the jar file or executive file which is saved on your computer. Now, launch the file for running Raccoon software. You have to enter the administrator login details or else check for running this specific file. Indeed, you can get the login screen here. Now, you have to enter the Google Account login details like user name as well as password details. Click on the Login button now. It’s optional to enter the hardware ID numbering of your device in the GSF ID field.

Download the APKs

After successful login to your personal Google Account, you will be navigated to the main menu of Raccoon software. For searching any application on the Google Play Store, make use of the search bar which is present at the top surface of the screen. Now, just click on the Download button after getting the search result in order to save that APK file which comes along with the application on your device’s hard drive.

Transferring and Installing the APK on Android Device

It’s time to move the APK on to your Android Gadget and then Install the APK file. Notably, the APKs which you have downloaded using this specific desktop program will get saved into Racconn folder automatically. However, depending on the version as well as operating system, location of this particular folder gets varies. But the simplest procedure to find the location is to search your system by entering the word Raccoon. Choose the folder and click on it to open.

From the folder – Raccoon >> Move to the sub folder >> Archives >> Then go to Default option >> Finally select apk-storage. Here, you can get the folders set for any of the APKs which you have downloaded. Just copy APKs on to your device which runs on Android OS with the help of a USB connecting cable.

On the Android gadget, make use of any file browser application for launching the respective APK. Now, you can see the standard installer interface of Android.

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