Fire TV Sideloading with adbFire on a Windows PC

Fire TV Sideloading with adbFire – Hi, looking to Sideload Amazon Fire TV using adbFire on your Windows PC? Then you are at the right place. In this article, you can get simple and neat step-by-step procedure to Sideload the Fire TV with the help of adbFire tool on your PC [Windows]. Moreover, Amazon Fire TV points to about 2 gens of micro consoles as well as digital media players which were built by It’s one of the most popular network as well as entertainment appliance which is made for streaming audio and video content digitally to high definition TV. Also, the device enables the customers to play many video games with inclusion of remote through mobile applications or gaming controllers.

The first gen Amazon Fire TV was set out on 2nd April 2014 along with Sev Zero video game. It was available in the US on the same day for supporting purchase, costing 99 dollars. Whereas, the second gen Fire TV’s launch was in the year 2015. Comparing to the first gen TV, the second gen Fire TV holds good processor working speed as well as 4K UHD option. Also, the Fire TV’s services are available in Japan, Germany, as well as, UK. Well, go through the complete post and get the steps to Fire TV Sideloading with adbFire on PC which runs on Windows Operating System.

sideload-app Fire TV Sideloading with adbFire on a Windows PC

Fire TV Sideloading with adbFire on Windows PC

The first gen device comes with different features, such as:

  • 2GB RAM
  • Bluetooth remote control plus microphone (microphone can be used to carry voice searching)
  • MIMO WiFi which is of dual band
  • Supports the 1080p feature streaming
  • Also, provides Dobly Digital Plus 7.1 surrounding sound which depends up on bandwidth of the users’s internet.

Further, there are different updates for Amazon Fire TV with different releases. You can get USB storage which is expandable. So that you can expand the storage of Fire TV by connecting USB storage device. An option by name private listening renders support to the wireless headphones which work using Bluetooth feature on Fire TV. Moreover, you can connect to WiFi of hotel with the captive portal feature. It allows user for connecting WiFi which needs web authentication. It makes the inclusion of WiFi at major hotels and universities.

Also, you can get PIN entry which is hidden. Browse as well as search the prime play lists. The prime members of Fire TV can make use of prime music play lists. You can choose from the available list. Furthermore, you can make use of shortcuts to enable or sleep the mirroring display. It’s just by pressing as well as holding home button which is present on remote.

sideload-app Fire TV Sideloading with adbFire on a Windows PC

Step to Fire TV Sideloading with adbFire over Windows PC

  1. First, you have to enable the ADB debugging option on Amazon Fire TV.
  2. Download as well as install the adbFire which is compatible with the Windows version.
  3. Tap on New button which is present for setting up the Fire TV connection successfully.
  4. You can see a field – Description. Here, you can write something. In the Address field, you have to enter the IP Address of your Amazon Fire TV. Click on Save button.
  5. Tap on Install APK and then choose the APK which you wish to Sideload.
  6. Now, click on Yes button for confirming the installation of APK which you have chosen.
  7. APK installation could take sometime depending on the APK file size.
  8. After successful installation of APK, click on OK button.
  9. It’s time to launch Sideloaded application on your device. For this, go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage the Installed Apps.
  10. Click on Disconnect when you finish Sideloading the APKs.

While sideloading the APK, if you come across any kind of issues, then click on View Log button. Here, you can see all the error messages. Also, there exists a standard ADB command line which is accessible via a button – ADB Shell.

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