FireStarter APK [AppStarter] – FireStopper APK Kodi for Amazon Fire TV

FireStarter APK: Amazon has come up with the new Fire TV, But it is not user-friendly. The major issue with the Fire TV is that it reduces the ability to create a shortcut on the home screen. And also it is not an easy task to open the sideloaded Apps on the Amazon Fire TV. Every time the user have to go the settings and then manage the installed Apps to start the Kodi. Hence we have come up with the FireStarter APK which is the alternative for the Fire TV.

maxresdefault-1-1 FireStarter APK [AppStarter] - FireStopper APK Kodi for Amazon Fire TV

The Android mobiles have launchers. Amazon Fire TV devices have the good replacement App known as “FireStarter.” But the sad thing is that the FireStarter App is blacklisted by the Amazon. No need of worrying about it, we are here to help you out. The new App is now available as the Appstarter which same as the FireStarter. But it has the drawbacks of two functionalities such as home button detection and automatic launching capability.

FireStarter APK [AppStarter]

Even though there is no option of detecting the home button and as well as launching the Apps, AppStarter has become the best App drawer which gives the customizable way by organizing and accessing the apps very easily. In addition to this, Appstarter also retains the ability to install and update Kodi and SPMC. The FireStarter Apk has to be updated with the AppStarter in your device. It provides an update for Kodi and SMPC which does the automatic update regularly.

Features of FireStarter

  • The Home button clicks Detection.
  • It has an automatic update mechanism.
  • The configurable actions for the startup are home button single click as well as home button double click.
  • You can start Kodi using the double-click and FireStarter on Single-click.
  • It lists the user-installed Apps including the sideloaded/ADB installed Apps.
  • Apps can be hidden using the App drawer.
  • It doesn’t require any root for the installation.
  • The Apps can be easily sorted by clicking drag and drop.

Download and Install Firestopper APK Kodi for Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has disabled the FireStarter by the name Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The XDA member jkchr1s done a great job by figuring out the details of the FireStarter Kodi removal. It released a clone app which works with the new software versions. Here you can find the details about the new clone Apps called FireStopper. In the below section, you can find the procedure to download the FireStooper APK.

maxresdefault-1-1 FireStarter APK [AppStarter] - FireStopper APK Kodi for Amazon Fire TV

  • Firstly download the APK file for Windows PC which you want to sideload for 1st Generation Fire TV, the 2nd generation TV or Fire TV Stick.
  • Now connect your Fire TV via ADB utility. ¬†If you do not have the installed ADB or if you don’t know how to connect it to Fire TV then follow the below steps.
  • Enter the command: adb install <path-to-apk-file> Be sure to replace <path-to-apk-file> with full path to APK file.
  • Wait for the “Success” to display. This may take several minutes which depends on the size of the file. Once you are done launch the sideloaded apps by going to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Installed Apps.
  • If you wish to sideload the apps, you can just repeat the above three steps ith the extra APK file. After sideloading don’t forget to disconnect your ADB connection by running the command – adb disconnect <IP-ADDRESS>

Get FireStarter For Amazon Fire Tv

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