Kodi for iPhone, iPad, and iOS Download – Install App

Kodi for iPhone, iPad, and iOS: The Kodi App supports 720p and as well as the 1080p for the iOS devices. It also produces the HD visuals. In this tutorial, we will discuss the two methods for downloading the Kodi for iPhone, iPad, and iOS. The iPhone device users are of two types. The first category comes under the Jailbreak device users. While the second category is for Non-jailbreak device users.

Features of Kodi for iPhone, iPad, and iOS:

The Kodi for iPhone, iPad, and iOS is originated from the XBMC. XBMC means Xbox Media Center. The developers of this App gave a new name which is having many features to highlight this App in the App market. Here are some of the features to reflect the Kodi for iPhone.

Go through the below section to know the amazing features of the Kodi App for iPhone, iPad, and iOS. These are the latest features of the Kodi for iPhone, iPad, etc.

  • This is a multimedia player App that supports many formats for both the kinds of music as well as video files on the iOS device.
  • The music formats which are supported by the Kodi App includes MP3, Wma, Wav, etc. And as well as the Video formats include the MP4, 3GP, Vob, etc.
  • It provides the easy way to download any content that user wishes for.
  • Its interface can manage the downloads.
  • The user has the facility to change the default location to their desired locations.
  • It orients itself and manages the media files as per the user instructions.
  • Kodi for iPhone is easy and fast to download. This is completely legal to perform by all the Apple users.
  • Using this App, we can watch the videos and as well as listen to the music without downloading the file, and this will save the time and data for both the users.
  • There is also an inbuilt television library which allows the user to manage the movie or TV program timings.
  • The Kodi for iPhone supports the Apple TV connections which allow transferring the display from mobile to the television screens.

Here are the two methods for downloading the Kodi for iPhone, iPad and, iOS. Carefully follow the below steps to download this App.

Method 1: Using Cydia:

In this method using the Cydia browser, we can download the Kodi App for the iPhone devices.

  • First of all, download the Cydia App.
  • The next step is to launch the Cydia App on the iPhone.
  • Search for the Kodi App in the search bar and download it.
  • It leads you to download the page of Kodi for iPad/iPhone.
  • Finally, after the installation, you can use it.

Method 2: Using Deb file:

This method is very effective for the iPhone users whose devices is a Jailbreak. Now you can go through the below steps for downloading the Kodi App using the Deb file.

  • By using the Cydia or other browser search the iFile and then download it.
  • You can use the link to download the Kodi App deb file for your device.
  • Now the open that you have downloaded before.
  • Click on’Install’ and when the App set up windows opens on the screen.
  • Finally, reboot your device and find the Kodi App on your device.
  • After the installation, you can enjoy the Kodi for iPhone.

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